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Dive Assistant - Desktop Edition is the Desktop companion for the Dive Assistant - Pocket PC Edition, as well as being a completely stand alone scuba diving application. It performs all the tasks you would expect from a modern dive application: from dive logging and dive planning to kit management and dive table lookup. Dive Assistant is the only software you need when you go diving.

Product Summary
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Dive Assistant - Desktop Edition
PC (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7)

Key Features

* Dive logging & planning
* Dive Table Lookup
* Kit Management & Dive Qualification Mangement
* Support for multiple divers
* Synchronization with the Pocket PC Edition
* Download of Dive Computer data
* GPS support
* Extended dive planning inc. Nitrox
* Enhanced printing throught Print Templates and Template Builder
* Free Upgrades

Product Description
Dive Assistant - Desktop Edition is a full featured PC scuba diving application, designed for recreational and advanced scuba divers alike. The application has been developed to be intuitive and easy to use from the moment you install it. Dive Assistant can store the profiles for multiple divers, so you and your partner, friends or family members can all store you information on one device.

The Dive Assistant is primarily a dive logging tool. Unlike its paper counterpart it can automatically calculate dive times and pressure groups for you. The statistics section will also give you useful statistics at the touch of a button.

You no longer need to carry dive tables with you when diving as long as you have the Dive Assistant. Dive Assistant is the only PC software to support dive table lookup. You can download dive tables from our website or develop your own tables. The imported dive tables can be view in the application. They are also used in the Dive Planner. The Dive Planner is incorporated into the Dive Log and pulls data from your previous dive, saving you the work of remembering the details. Once you have finished using the planner it will add the details to your current dive.

Application synchronization

Dive Assistant will keep track of all your dive kit and alert you when the kit need servicing. There is also a servicing history so that you can look up previous service details. The alert function can also alert you when your dive qulifications need renewal, something which is essential for instructors and other professionals who need to renew their qualification on a regular basis.

Our scuba sync technology synchronizes the data on your PC with the Dive Assistant - Pocket PC Edition, at the touch of a button. Scuba sync transfer dive log, dive kit and qualification and diver details. Dive Assistant - Desktop Edition supports all the function of the Pocket PC Edition in addition to dive log printing.

Dive Computer Import allows you to download dive computer data, like your dive profile, into the application and then visualise the data in the dive profile section. Dive Assistant has a new section for GPS tracking. GPS tracking will synchronize with your GPS unit and allow you to view and save your GPS locations.

New Features
With Dive Assistant - Desktop Edition you can print your dive logs how you want them. When you install the 2008 Edition you will get Dive Assistant Template Builder, which allows you to create your own print templates. The templates can be imported into Dive Assistant when you print your logs.

Dive Assistant synchronization has been vastly improved, making the synchronization process much faster. The synchronization of dive profiles has been completely rewritten as part of this process.

Support Dive Computers and applications

AerisOceanicSuunto Dive Manager 2.x
CitizenReefNet Sensus Pro ManagerUniversal Dive Computer
Cressi ArchimedesSherwood Wisdom 1Uwatec SmartTrak
Diving Log 4Sherwood Wisdom 2
Mares IRISSuunto Dive Manager 1.x

Other Dive Assistant Products
Dive Assistant - Pocket PC Edition
Pocket PC Edition is the Pocket PC companion for the Dive Assistant - Desktop Edition. It has all the functionality of the Desktop Edition and synchronizes with the Desktop Edition at the click of a button.

Dive Tables Creator
Dive Tables Creator is an easy to use dive table creation tool. The application can be used to create, modify and lookup dive tables on your PC. The tables create are compatible with the Dive Assistant and Dive Tables applications

Dive Tables - Pocket PC Edition
Dive Tables is a small dive table lookup application. The application displays dive tables in a similar way to the physical dive tables. Dive Tables supports and displays all dive tables. The imported tables database is shared with the Dive Assistant - Pocket PC Edition, so you only need to import the dive tables once.

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